Welcome to NITK

As a new recruiter, you must follow the following procedure to register yourself with
Career Development Centre (CDC), NITK

Step 1

Registration via E-Mail

PoC: Person of Contact (eg. HR). Share your company details on placement@nitk.ac.in.

  1. Company's Full Name
  2. Name of PoC
  3. PoC Contact Number.
  4. Address of the Company.
  5. Intent of Recruitment or Training/Internship.

Step 2

Receive Invitation from CDC

The company is formally invited to be a part of the recruitment process at NITK by the CDC Officer in Charge via E-Mail. The invitation will also provide an overview of the placement procedure and other aspects of NITK, along with the placement form and a link to the placement portal of IRIS.

Step 3


With the instructions and credentials received via mail, the company representative can log into the placement module on IRIS Platform, which will serve as the medium for all further placement processes.

The IRIS Process

Once your company is registered with NITK CDC,
You can start the procedure to recruit students on IRIS
If your company has not been granted access to the placement module of IRIS yet,
do mail us at placement@nitk.ac.in with the details mentioned in Step 1

Step 4

Job/Training Notification Form

Once companies get access to IRIS, they are expected to login and fill the Job/Training Notification Form (JNF/TNF) in the respective Placement Recruitment Schedule allotted to them along with the Eligibility for the same.

Step 5

Pre Placement Talk

Companies interested in organising a Pre Placement Talk can request the same on the Placement module and the venue for the same shall be arranged by the Student Point of Contact (SPoC).

Step 6


The companies can freeze the JNF/TNF till a deadline, after which the student shall be able to view all the details, and the eligible students may apply. The company will then shortlist the students either based on their CVs or conduct an Online / Offline Test for the same.

Step 7


Shortlisted students who clear the initial rounds are then notified and asked to appear for the subsequent round, the venue of which is updated on IRIS. This can be repeated for a maximum of five rounds. Slots for the same are allotted by CDC.

Step 8

Announce Results

After completion of the recruitment process, the companies are required to announce the results within 24 hours and information about the same will be reflected on IRIS.

That's all there is to it!

Thank you for your time!
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